About me!

Offering 20 years of expertise in the hiring field! I have worked as a Director of Career Services of a technical school, have been an IT Agency Recruiter, as well as a Director of Recruiting for a web interactive startup company. As an Operations Manager, I've even hired beauticians to work in nursing homes! I've helped thousands of people get jobs over the years and have written almost as many resumes.

Gail Glassmoyer


My thought process behind doing resumes and mentoring/coaching people in their careers is really about helping guide people to do what they love to do. My goal is to help shift your paradigm and get you going in the direction of your dreams/passions. Whether that means helping you to get your first job, helping you make a career change, or maybe getting "unstuck" because you have been at a job for years and are not sure how to even get started on a job search/updating your resume, etc.


I want to offer my knowledge gained from 20 years of experience in the recruiting/hiring field as a tool to help you on your career path.


That is why I decided to open up a portal for Career Mentoring Services. Mentors should not be just for kids in schools- but for real everyday people in the school we call LIFE.