"My goal is to help shift your paradigm and get you going

in the direction of your dreams"

About me


I love helping people! Especially on their path in life.


Offering 20 years in the hiring field! I have worked as a Director of Career Services of a technical school, have been an IT Agency Recruiter, as well as a Director of Recruiting for a web interactive startup company. As an Operations Manager. I've even hired beauticians to work in nursing homes! I've helped thousands of people get jobs over the years and have written almost as many resumes.

Career Mentoring Services



CMS is many things. Have you ever just wanted someone who is (not a friend or a relative) but  maybe a recruiter to review your resume? Now is your chance! Want to talk Career Strategy? Changing careers? New to the work force? We can discuss all of that and more!




I have been blessed to help many people on their path in life- here are just a few samples of what people are saying....